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Mission & Beliefs


Appleton Elementary School


Over One Hundred Years of Excellence!

Our Mission:

The Appleton Elementary community will work and learn together to ensure all children attain their full individual potential in a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment at the best school in Western Colorado.

Our Core Beliefs:

Student Learning is Our Focus
We are Student Centered! Our primary goal is to provide the best education possible to our students. We use research-based best practices throughout our school. We use data - both formal and informal - to drive our instruction. We establish clear and attainable school goals and work diligently together to achieve them. We expect outstanding effort from our students and that they treat others with respect.

Every Child Can Learn
We set high expectations and strive to meet the needs of every child! We have created effective systems within our school to implement interventions for struggling students as well as our highest achievers. The Response to Intervention (RtI) team and our Intervention Schedule ensure our students get the support they need to be successful learners.

The Appleton Community
We are a community working closely together to help students reach their highest potential! We are fortunate to have outstanding parent support and an award winning Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Positive relationships between staff, parents, volunteers, and students promote an atmosphere of kindness and respect.

We are a Professional Learning Community! By working collaboratively together and helping support each other, we become better and stronger both individually and collectively. All staff members are valued and are an important part of student learning. A substantial amount of staff development time is devoted to giving teams time to collaborate.

Open communication among staff, parents, and students makes our school stronger! The Appleton web site, ParentVUE, weekly Principal Updates to both staff and parents, and Tuesday Communication Envelopes ensure open communication within our school.

Shared Decision Making
We are leaders! The Appleton Leadership Team (ALT) works closely with the Principal to provide school leadership and input to decision making within the school.

Appleton Bookworms
We love reading and teaching reading! The ability to read well is the foundation of an excellent education. We pride ourselves on being a school with a passion for reading.