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Mr. Hafey (principal)
Mrs. McClelland (secretary)
Frani Kerr (secretary)

Fifth Grade:
Mrs. Lancheros
Mrs. Lynch
Mrs. McCurry

Fourth Grade:
Mrs. Crone
Ms. McCormick
Mrs. Squires

Third Grade:
Mrs. Petch
Ms. Petras
Mrs. Williams

Second Grade:
Ms. Benton
Ms. Biddle
Mrs. Summers

First Grade:
Mrs. Dangler
Mrs. McComb
Mrs. Skalla

Mrs. Geer
Mrs. Ludlam
Mrs. LaCount (Mrs. Geer & Mrs. Ludlam Instructional Assistant)

Ms. Marcotte
Ms. Ward (Ms. Marcotte Instructional Assistant)

Mrs. Prell
Mrs. Chapman (Mrs. Prell Instructional Assistant)

Mr. O'Dell
Judy Carey
Charlie Nissen

Loni Wolfe
Katy McGranahan

Music -Jill Phillips
PE- Jonathan Trousdale
Gifted & Talented - Sue Jerome
Interventions Julie Hickman
Resource Shannon Thornton
Resource - Carolyn Thomas
Speech - Gwynn Barrows
Psychologist -Glen Haupt
Occupational Therapist - Tania Llamas Cornelison
Counselor - Kate McPhail
Heath Assistant - Linda Cuevas
Nurse - Julie LaBaron
Library - Sheila Vrooman
Computer Lab - Karen Mahoney
Artist in Residence - Stephanie Sherman

Instructional Assistants:
Deb Albertson - Reading Instructional Assistant
Nancy Benton - Volunteer Coordinator/Interventions
Mary Reekie - Interventions
- SPED Paraprofessional
Laura Ryden

Cathy Anderson

Kitchen Staff:
Ronda Nelson
Gary Metras

Extended Hours Program:
Owner - Sheryl Fisher
Phone (970) 241-3603 Fax (970) 241-3523

Appleton Director - Aubrey Minturn- 254-6414
Staff - Carolyn Quinn
Staff -
Staff -